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Roth IRA 

January 2018 marks the 20th Anniversary of the Roth IRA. To celebrate this milestone, the following are several Roth IRA tips and facts:
  • We now have clarification from IRS on the status of Roth IRA conversion recharacterizations for 2017 conversions. Click here to read more

  • When you convert an IRA to a Roth IRA, your pre-tax funds will be included in your annual income, but the trade-off could mean a BIG tax benefit down the road. Find out if a Roth conversion is right for you:

  • Roth IRAs have three different 5-year rules. Knowing what they are can maximize the benefits of your Roth IRA. Find out more here:

  • Tax laws can be confusing, especially when it comes to Roth IRAs. Use these 5 easy steps to determine the tax on your Roth IRA distributions:

  • The Roth IRA was established by the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 and named after Senator William Roth. Roth accounts were first made available to American investors in January of 1998.

  • Debating whether or not you should convert your IRA to a Roth IRA? Find out if a Roth conversion is right for you here:

  • Getting ready to take money out of your Roth IRA? Make sure you're prepared by checking out 5 things every Roth IRA owner needs to know before taking a distribution:

  • Have you accounted for RMDs in your retirement plan? As an #EliteIRAAdvisor, I am dedicated to staying on top of IRA distribution rules. Contact our office to learn your options for a tax-advantaged retirement plan today. 

  • Do you think you're too old to convert your IRA to a Roth IRA? Age is just a number! Don't let it prevent you from exploring the benefits of a Roth IRA. Find out more here: 

  • For many millennials, a Roth IRA is the way to go, as years of smaller contributions can really add up. If you follow the rules, distributions from a Roth IRA will be qualified distributions, meaning your earnings can be tax-free in your golden years.

  • What's the difference between an IRA and Roth IRA? According to @TheSlottReport, there are 5 important distinctions. Find out what they are here:

  • It's not too late to make 2017 Roth IRA contributions! You have until April 18, 2018 and can contribute up to $5,500 per individual ($6,500 for age 50+). Income restrictions apply.

  • Are you considering a Roth IRA or a 529 plan for your child's college savings? Find out how each option could benefit you and your child here:  

  • A Roth 401(k) and Roth IRA may seem similar, but there are some big differences between them, such as contribution limits, income limits, RMDs and more. Contact our office today to find out which is best for you. 

  • Your age, tax bracket and the amount of cash you have available are all factors to consider before making a Roth IRA conversion. Find out if converting your IRA is the right move for you here: 

  • Both life insurance and Roth IRAs can leave a powerful, tax-free legacy for your heirs. What's the difference? Find out here:

  • Interested in tax-efficient income planning for your retirement? Contact our office today to discuss and explore your options.

  • According to @TheSlottReport, there are 3 things to consider before making a Roth conversion. Find out what they are by checking out this interview:

  • What money can you pull out of your Roth IRA... and when? In this #TBT video, Ed Slott answers a common question about Roth IRA 5-year rules:

  • Many have not recognized the value of rolling over big-dollar distributions from company plans into a Roth IRA as opposed to a Traditional IRA. Learn more about the benefits of choosing a Roth IRA here:

  • Did you know the original name for the Roth IRA was the “American Dream IRA” or AD IRA? When the bill became law, the name was changed to Roth IRA. 

Tax laws are constantly changing. As an Ed Slott Master Elite IRA Advisor, I am part of an exclusive study group led by IRA guru Ed Slott. This training helps me to deliver the most up-to-date IRA information available to my clients.

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