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Investment Management Services

Investment management services are right for you if you wish to simplify your life by delegating the responsibility of managing your investment portfolio to a professional either because you are not comfortable making investment decisions on your own, don't have the time, and/or you feel that a professional advisor can add value to what you can do on your own. 

Why delegate to a professional?

Building and managing a successful investment strategy is a complex process. The advent of online trading and availability of information has resulted in many investors minimizing the complexity of the process. Financial market and economic dynamics, in addition to a vast array of security types create an environment ripe for misunderstanding and potential errors that can lead to excess risk taking, increased volatility, and loss of savings.

There are many factors involved in portfolio management such as asset allocation, re-balancing versus reallocating, securities selection, active versus passive, market cycles, economic cycles, as well as understanding how various portfolio statistics including standard deviation, mean, variance, co-variance, correlation coefficients, R-Squared, Sharpe Ratio, Alpha, beta, etc help to develop a properly diversified portfolio. Most investors do not have the necessary education, portfolio analysis and reporting tools, research capability, and time to understand these core elements of portfolio design and thus tend to ignore them which can greatly increase the risk of under-performance, loss of savings, and failure to reach financial goals.

Other factors that lead investors to make poor decisions and under-perform include allowing emotion to guide their investment decisions, abandoning a long-term approach to chase last year's winners, attempting to time the markets without proper tools/guidelines for doing so, and buying relatively overvalued investments while ignoring relatively undervalued investments. This cycle of emotion often leads to buy and sell at sub-optimal times. Rather than buying low and selling high, the cycle of emotion causes many investors to do the opposite. In fact, investors often under-perform the very funds in which they are invested generally due to poor timing. 

*SOURCE: Dalbar, Inc. Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior 2007. Represents average annually compounded returns of equity indices vs equity mutual fund investors; based on the length of time shareholders actually remain invested in a fund and the historic performance of the funds appropriate index. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Investors cannot invest directly in an index.

In addition, many investors suffer from a variety of behavioural biases that result in emotions overwhelming reason. Investing triggers the "fight or flight" response that we feel when faced with danger and this can often lead to poor investment decisions. These behavioural biases include overconfidence, hindsight, familiarity, regret avoidance, self-attribution, and extrapolation. The best way to avoid these behavioral biases that can lead to mistakes is to delegate management of your portfolio to a professional advisor who understands your needs.

Portnoff Financial LLC has developed the capability to deliver a full array of Investment Management solutions based on a proven, six-step process by a team of experts in the key areas of investment management and portfolio design. Unlike most Investment Advisory firms who offer a single investment strategy for all of their clients, Portnoff Financial LLC has the capability to implement multiple portfolio management strategies that take into account changing economic and market cycles to achieve a greater level of diversification and lower volatility customized for your unique needs.

The likelihood of achieving success in your investment strategy is greatly improved by adhering to a disciplined investment process. The six-steps to the Investment Management process include:

  • Discovery- All about you including time horizon, risk tolerance, risk capacity, as well as how your financial plan factors in. 
  • Market Outlook- What is the market environment and how does this impact the strategy?
  • Asset Allocation Approach- Passive, Active, Hedged, or a combination depending upon market outlook
  • Manager Selection- Choosing the right individual managers to implement the desired strategy
  • Re-balancing & Reallocating- Adjusting your portfolio due to portfolio drift and/or market conditions.
  • Reporting & Monitoring- Keeping you informed of progress. 

This six-step Investment Management process will give you confidence and peace of mind so that you can focus on the activities that are most important in your life that cannot be delegated to others such as spending time with your friends, family, and enjoying life.

You should be comfortable with the process of designing and managing your portfolio for the growth you require while appropriately managing risk so that you can feel confident that you are on track to achieve your financial goals. Take this brief Risk Quiz or Schedule a complimentary Discovery Consultation to learn more about how this six-step Investment Management process will help you grow and protect your hard earned savings.

"If your advisor hasn't invested in his/her education, then you shouldn't invest with him/her!" -Ed Slott