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How to Calculate Non-Spouse Beneficiary Distributions

Have you recently inherited an IRA as a non-spouse beneficiary? If so, then you will soon be required to determine exactly how much will need to be taken as your first required minimum distribution. There are ways to “stretch” the tax benefits of these accounts by leaving them in an IRA as long as possible; however, you will need to understand the specific rules for your situation.

If you are a designated beneficiary, the process is straight forward, as you usually will be required to use your own life expectancy to calculate your distributions. 

However, for non-designated beneficiaries, different rules apply. Not taking enough out before annual deadlines can result in penalties and fees.

To maximize your inheritance and limit penalties, click here  or click the image below to view our flow chart, “How to Calculate Non-Spouse Beneficiary Distributions”.

Have additional questions about how to calculate non-spouse beneficiary distributions? Click here to contact us so we can get you the answers you need to feel confident about your decision.

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