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Virtual eMeetings

What if geography was not a barrier to selecting a qualified Financial Advisor? Why limit your search to your local neighborhood when you have some many more options? Well Portnoff Financial has the solution; Virtual eMeetings! 

Technology has opened the doors to efficient and effective long distance communication. Virtual eMeetings utilize the telephone as well as web meeting software to conduct a meeting without having to meet in person. We use Zoom which is a screen sharing application that gives meeting participants the ability to see the other participant's screen depending upon the purpose of the meeting and the content that will be reviewed. 

An online Virtual eMeeting allows us to work in an efficient manner no matter where either party is located effectively making the world a smaller place. This technology is used for most client meetings, including local clients when in person office meetings are either unnecessary or unavailable. With less travel time you can spend more time doing other activities that you enjoy. In addition, the reduction in driving has a positive effect on the environment. As a consumer this opens up your choice to select your advisor based on who you believe is the  most competent and right fit for you while not being limited by geography to only local advisors.

Generally Discovery Consultations are done in person however Virtual Discovery "eConsultations" are an option if you are not in the local area or if traveling is inconvenient for you. The Discovery eConsultation is the same as a regular Discovery Consultation except that we use the phone and a Zoom meeting to discuss your responses to the Discovery Consultation Questionnaire and to show you the tools used in the delivery of financial planning and investment management services.

Schedule a brief Introductory Call or a Discovery eConsultation, to learn more about Virtual eMeetings and Virtual eConsultations.