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The Complete IRA Care Solution™

For many people their retirement accounts such as 401(k)'s, 403(b)'s, and IRA's are their single largest source of retirement savings, and often their largest asset. There are major tax advantages that allow people with IRA's to create enormous tax-deferred and even tax-free wealth for themselves and their families, but these are largely unknown by financial advisors and consumers. This can be 30 to 40 years of savings that without a proper exit strategy can be lost to immediate and excessive taxation. For example, without a properly executed beneficiary designation, IRA and other retirement plan beneficiaries may lose the ability to Stretch an Inherited IRA over their own life expectancy if not planned for and implemented properly.

This is why consumers should work with financial advisors who are IRA specialists to take advantage of the IRA distribution rules that will allow them to parlay their IRA's into a family fortune. The average advisor is not an IRA distribution specialist and cannot competently address these issues. In fact, much less than 1% are which means that many people are being underserved by their current advisors. Without proper, up-to-date information, you risk making an irrevocable decision that exposes the largest single source of retirement funds or inheritance you may have to unnecessary and accelerated taxation. So how do you know you know your advisor has the specialized training to competently address these issues and has the most up to date IRA information? This is the advantage of working with an Ed Slott trained Master Elite IRA Advisor who uses The Complete IRA Care Solution™.

The Master Elite IRA Advisor group is an exclusive organization of Financial Advisors personally trained by the nationally acclaimed IRA Expert, Ed Slott, at the highest level of IRA training available anywhere. Ed Slott's Master Elite IRA Advisor Group has IRA resources that no other financial organization even comes close to offering such as immediate updates on the latest changes to IRA tax laws, and continuous education that drills deep into the most complicated issues of IRA management and distribution. Members have ongoing access to the most up-to-date IRA information available in order to properly and professionally service their IRA clients and attract new clients who need competent IRA advisors.

The Complete IRA Care Solution™ is an exclusive system created by the Ed Slott for the complete care of all IRA issues. This is the most comprehensive program ever created to address virtually every aspect of protecting and growing your retirement accounts. The Complete IRA Care Solution™ is divided into three major categories covering over 250 key areas of IRA rules to make sure your retirement accounts are set up properly to minimize tax and maximize family wealth: The IRA Owner's Care Solution™, The IRA Beneficiary's Care Solution™, and The Special Issues Care Solution™. The following is a complete list of all modules:
The IRA Owner's Care Solution™
  • Beneficiary Form
  • Custodial Form
  • Stretch Distributions
  • Estate Planning & Retirement Assets
  • RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) Calculations
  • Prohibited Transactions
  • Rollover/Lump Sum Distributions
  • Year End Checklist
The IRA Beneficiary's Care Solution™
  • Spouse Beneficiary
  • Non-Spouse Beneficiaries
  • Separate Account Rules
  • Successor Beneficiary
  • Tax Breaks for Retirement Plan Beneficiaries
The Special Issues Care Solution™
  • Charity as a Beneficiary
  • Contributions to Retirement Plans
  • Creditor Protection/Bankruptcy
  • Disclaimer
  • Divorce
  • Early Distributions - 72(t)
  • Early Distributions - 10% Penalty Exceptions
  • Incapacity
  • International Transactions
  • IRD (Income in Respect of a Decedent)
  • Lump Sum Distribution Tax Breaks
  • Minor as a Beneficiary
  • Mistakes That Can Be Fixed
  • Non-Cash IRA Distributions
  • Private Letter Ruling Requests
  • Real Estate/Alternative Investments
  • Roth IRA
  • Schemes and Scams
  • Trust as a Beneficiary
  • Unmarried Couple Planning
Clients who go through The Complete IRA Care Solution™ have the peace of mind knowing that their largest retirement asset is properly set up and that they and their beneficiaries will be able to retain family wealth longer by avoiding excessive taxation. The following are questions you should ask your financial advisor to ensure your nest egg is in good hands:
  • What resources or publications do you use to keep up-to-date with changing IRA distribution rules?
  • What is the most recent IRA ruling or tax law change that you are aware of?
  • Who should I name as my IRA beneficiary?
  • How do you keep track of IRA beneficiary forms?
  • Can you show me the IRS life expectancy tables you use to calculate required IRA distributions for both IRA owners and beneficiaries?
  • What will happen to my IRA after my death?
  • Who do you call when you have questions about IRA Distributions?

Information such as the Complete IRA Care Solution™ and other valuable IRA Planning advice can be found in Ed Slott's "Retirement Decisions Guide,” "The Retirement Savings Time Bomb," and "Parlay you IRA into a Family Fortune." Check your local Public Television ( listings for Ed Slott's television specials "Stay Rich for Life,” and "Stay Rich for Ever and Ever.”

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