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Discovery Consultation

Once you have determined that a potential advisor has the education, credentials, and business practices that you are looking for, the next step is to meet and find out if there is a good fit. The Discovery Consultation is designed to determine if there is a reasonable basis for working together.

During the first part of the consultation we will discuss your responses to a Discovery Consultation Questionnaire. We will talk about you, how satisfied you are with various aspects of your financial life, what you are doing already, what your priorities are, and review a summary of your current financial situation.

During the second part of the consultation, we will discuss financial planning and investment management services as well as some of the tools and resources you will benefit from such as MoneyGuidePro, Complete IRA Care Solution™, and understanding economic and financial market cycles.

This discussion will help determine which services are appropriate for you and the fees for those services. At that point you will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have to help you make this most important decision.
If you are not in the local area, consider scheduling an eMeeting for your discovery consultation.

Schedule a complimentary Discovery Consultation to understand how Portnoff Financial LLC can help you create, manage and keep more of your wealth for yourself and your family.