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Portnoff Financial is compensated solely by fees paid directly by clients. I believe you should pay your advisor just as you would pay a doctor, dentist, accountant, attorney or other professional; with a fee. Some advisors claim to be Fee-Only and use terms such as "fee-only investment management” however they may still accept commissions for products such as life insurance which is misleading. These advisors are "Fee-Based" or "Fee & Commission", not Fee-Only and you should be aware of their bait & switch compensation tactics. True Fee-Only advisors never accept commissions of any kind.
Fees may be in the form of an annual fee billed monthly, assets under managements (AUM), hourly, or a combination. Actual fees depend on the work involved which is different for each client and are determined during the discovery consultation.  
Compensation and services are described in detail in my Form ADV as well as in the client agreement.
Portnoff Financial does not require any specific minimums of net worth, account size, or income. We have different programs for working with clients of all different incomes, net worths, stages of financial life, etc. 
For comprehensive financial planning services a minimum fee will generally apply. Annual fees billed monthly generally range from $75 - $250 per month depending upon the complexity and work involved. If the household account size is under $500,000, both an investment management fee and a financial planning fee (if applicable) will typically be charged until the household account size exceeds $500,000. We reserve the right to reduce the minimum fee if we feel there is a good fit when assets do not meet the minimum.
Assets under Management fees are charged for Investment Management accounts that are professionally managed and are a percentage fee based upon the value of the account being managed. The actual fee schedule is tiered thus the account size will determine the average fee. This type of fee generally aligns the interests of the investor and the advisor. The reason is that the fee is dependent upon the size of the account. If the account grows, the fee grows. Conversely if the account declines in value the fee also declines neither of which the investor or the advisor want to have happen.
This does not mean managed accounts do not lose value at times, which they do, however it means that the advisor is not heavily incentivized to take on inappropriate risk as the increased risk may result in a loss of value and in turn a reduction in the fee. The advisor looks to increase the value of the account steadily over time to match the required rate of return for your financial goals. 
No. These incentives typically only exist in the brokerage/sales side of financial services
No. We are completely independent from any product providers.
Other professional who we refer clients to may provide referrals in return where my services are appropriate for the client. There are no formal arrangements to provide reciprocal referrals or fee/commisson sharing arrangements.
No. Portnoff Financial LLC is completely independent. Broker/dealers are required for advisors wishing to sell products and earn commissions. Portnoff Financial LLC is registered as an Investment Advisor and therefore does not require a Broker/Dealer.
Portnoff Financial is a Fee-Only Investment Advisor. This means that I always act in your best interest at all times. I have no broker/dealer affiliation that can create these types of conflicts.
Yes. Any conflicts that may arise, however unlikely, will be fully disclosed.