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Cash Flow Management & Budgeting

Proper cash flow management is an integral part of achieving your financial goals. Once you have articulated what your goal(s) is(are) you need to direct your financial resources (cash flow) to a vehicle that will help you accumulate the funds you need for the goal.

For some, saving is easy, but for others it is not. Many people wonder where their money goes. When you track your cash flow, you can gain a better understanding of where your money has gone so that you can be more aware of where you want it to go in the future. This is a necessary step to good cash flow management however it is backward looking. Often people find they still don't have any or enough money at the end of the month because other uses for their money have come up. This is where budgeting come in. Rather than just look at where your money has gone and trying to be aware of where it goes, you can determine in advance where you want it to go. 

The process of budgeting is deciding how you want to allocate your resources between the various things that compete for your money. Proper budgeting means setting aside funds for your future goals as well as the infrequent or unexpected such as car and home repairs. While there are many cash flow management and budgeting tools out there, Portnoff Financial recommends YNAB which is short for You Need A Budget. 

YNAB is a simple yet effective budgeting tool that if used properly can help you direct your financial resources to paying off debt and accumulating savings faster. To assist you in getting started, Portnoff Financial has arranged an extended 2-month trial directly with YNAB. Go to to sign up today. Be sure to make use of many of their resources to help you learn and become a master of the budget!

Disclosure: Jeremy E. Portnoff is a YNAB user and as been given complimentary access to YNAB however this access is not contingent upon recommendations to use YNAB. Furthermore, Jeremy or Portnoff Financial do not receive any remuneration for anyone trialing or subscribing to YNAB. The extended trial was requested and provided simply to help people get budgeting.