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Roth Recharacterization Confusion

  • A Roth recharacterization is the process of undoing all or part of a Roth conversion as if it never happened and eliminating the income tax that would have been due on the amount converted.
  • A Roth conversion can be recharacterized for any reason.
  • A partial recharacterization can be done.
  • Recharacterizations must go back to an IRA, even if the conversion was done from a plan.
  • The deadline for recharacterization is October 15th of the year following the year of conversion.
  • In-plan Roth 401(k) conversions cannot be recharacterized.
  • If the tax return has already been filed, a recharacterization can still be done and the tax return amended.
  • The amount recharacterized may not be the same amount moved from the Roth IRA back to the IRA. For example, if an IRA worth $100,000 were converted to a Roth, dropped in value to $75,000 and then recharacterized, the amount moved back to the IRA is the $75,000 however the amount recharacterized is the original $100,000.

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